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Our World: Egypt is the one of the first on a new series of globally conscious board books. As the lead designer, I designed the cover in accordance with the design of other series covers,I placed the artwork and text, designed the end matter from scratch.


I was lead designer on the continuation of the popular "Yoga Tots" board book series with Yoga Tots: Happy Tiger and Yoga Tots: Brave Bear. I was responsible for designing the full wraparound cover according to the style of the previous books in the series.

Great care was taken to ensure these new books looked like a part of the same series, while also standing apart from each other on a shelf. 


In Barefoot Books Incredible Animals, I assisted with layout, text placement, as well as assisting with text corrections.

I also lent some editorial expertise due to my knowledge of zoology!

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 8.12.50 PM.png

My Redesign


I was in charge of redesigning the front cover for a planned reissue of "Shakespeare's Storybook", a classic title from Barefoot Books. The challenge was modernizing the cover but still keeping the classic feel of the original. I also rebuilt the interior of the book entirely in InDesign, based on scans of the book as well as Quark files. I tried to remain largely faithful to the original typesetting, while making small improvements along the way.

Original Cover

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 9.46.23 AM.png
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